I am Hamza!
I am a software developer!

I am a software developer from Sweden. I have been coding since I was 14 years old. I started with javascript and moved on to learning other languages and frameworks.

I have created numerous websites and continued improving my skill set in the field. I am now working full time as a web developer. In addition to that I do a lot of side-projects, I occasionally do some freelance work.

I like the web because it is place where you can share what you envision with anyone in the world, despite the device and the place they are in. I dream in the future to help improve the web and work on a browser like chromium. I want for the web to have better experience than native apps on desktops and mobile. I hope that will happen one day.

Lastly I want to add that the illustration you see is made by me in my quest for digging the rabbit hole of 3D graphics.

What I have been working on

I am always working on some project in my free time. Here are some of them:

Collaborative text editor preview

Collaborative text editor

A collaborative text editor that allows multiple users to write together.

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Absence tracking system preview

The absence tracking system

System that allows schools to manage, view student absence.

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Minecraft skin tester preview

Minecraft skin tester

A website for Minecraft players to upload their skins and test them.

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