I am Hamza!
I am a web developer

My name is Hamza, self-taught web developer and 3d graphics enthusiast. I started web development when I was 14 years. I wanted to create Youtube clone, because my youtube channel has been terminated. I started learning web development. Years later, I did not create Youtube clone, but I continued doing web development. I liked the world of the web and programming.

The web is place where you can share what you invasion with anyone in the world, despite the device and the place they are in. Programming is logical, you receive what you predict. This what I liked.

Since than I have created numerous websites and continued improving my skill set in the field. I am now working on more side-projects, I occasionally do some freelance work. I am also seeking full-time work.

I dream in the future to contribute to the web and work on a browser like chromium. I want for the web to have better experience than native apps on desktops and mobile. I hope that will happen one day.

What I have been working on

I am always working on some project in my free time. Here are some of them:

Collaborative text editor preview

Collaborative text editor

A collaborative text editor that allows multiple users to write together.

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Absence tracking system preview

The absence tracking system

System that allows schools to manage, view student absence.

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Minecraft skin tester preview

Minecraft skin tester

A website for Minecraft players to upload their skins and test them.

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Glowing blue earth in the dark space.

Earth website

Website of our rotating globe with sound of earth.

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